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Free yet Powerful Sudoku Game

Simple, Free, User-Friendly - The Brain-Boosting Sudoku Game is Here! Download Hi Sudoku now and dive into the world of Sudoku fun.

Whether you're a Sudoku novice or a battle-hardened veteran, you'll fall in love with Hi Sudoku!

With Hi Sudoku, challenge yourself with tens of thousands of meticulously crafted puzzles. Catering to all levels from Beginner to Devil, there's always one that fits you perfectly.

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About Hi Sudoku

Hey there, I'm Russell, and I made Hi Sudoku. I love Sudoku, but nothing out there felt just right. Too many ads, ugly layouts, or just plain bad puzzles. So, as a coder, I thought, why not make my own?

Here’s the deal with Hi Sudoku:

  • No mess, no fuss puzzles. They make sense and make you think, not just random guessing. My special recipe for puzzles feels like a human made them, not a machine.
  • Our app is sleek and gets you solving right away. No clutter, no distractions. Plus, some cool shortcuts keep things speedy and fun.
  • It's got all the help you need, but only if you want it. Unlimited undos, auto-notings, and hints that don't just tell you HOW, but WHY too.

That's Hi Sudoku for you. Less talking, more puzzling. Go on, give it a go and have fun!